Business coaching

Jason E Mueller

Business Coaching

Welcome to my page and thank you for joining me on the journey.  As a business coach I help individuals find within themselves the skills and achievements that will help them rise to be the best they can be.  Or if you need a little direction first then that’s something I can help you with too.  I have a background in business and career coaching, comparative religion, theater, entrepreneurship and martial arts, all of which have given me many tools to help others along the way.  If you need help with business coaching or personal development and think that a little spirituality will help then I’m your coach.

I can help you in the following areas:

Business coaching

Idea mapping

Meditation and Spirituality


Business Planning

A bit of my background

I’ve spent the last 15 years studying spirituality and religion and have a degree in comparative religion. I attained my business coaching degree in 2010, and also worked in theater projects for over 16 years. I’ve taken classes in Lean Six Sigma, SEO, Business Analysis, Data Analysis and Google Analytics. Most of my clients have been professionals seeking changes in career and entrepreneurship that more closely align with an authentic way of life. I work as a business consultant in a Small Business Development Center and assist startups with mapping and developing their business ideas.

If you are interested in using a different approach that helps identify a path that is more aligned with your values, lifestyle, and authenticity then I’m here to help. Click my services to find out more of what I offer!