Christmas Ornaments 2016

The year we made dinosaur ornaments

This year I wanted to teach my son a practical lesson in entrepreneurship. He wanted to earn money somehow by selling things he made. Given that he is 6, his products were going to be anywhere from hand drawn books, old toys, or paintings he wanted to produce. So I stopped and had a conversation with him about the things he loves and dinosaurs quickly rose to the top of the list. But he’s a creative kid, and he loves making things so we talked about making dinosaur Christmas ornaments. I figured out a simple way that he could help with making these creations and he grew very excited. So we made about 3 of these and then he eagerly wanted to sell them. His idea was to set up a stand at the end of the driveway and try to catch passersby. But we don’t have a high foot traffic street and it’s not fun to sit out in the cold, trying to capture people’s attention (especially in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin) so I agreed to help him with online.

2 Dinosaur ornaments together
A few of my son’s creations

So from production to taking pictures to online circulating, here is my son’s first experience in making something and selling them to earn his own money. The most important thing to me is showing him the steps and then learning from the experience together, so here are some pictures of his first dive into entrepreneurship!

Stegosaurus Ornament
Stegosaurus Ornament
2 dinosaur ornaments hanging in a tree
Hanging out in a Christmas tree
4 ornaments together
Doesn’t it look like they’re singing carols?

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