About the Quirky Optimist

IMG_4834 (2)About my story

By day I work in a Small Business Development Center as Program Manager, helping Startups navigate the challenges of launching. I utilize the Lean Start Methodology in identifying core audience, solutions, and Value Proposition. Outside that I’m working on sharing my journey through spirituality including meditation, Reiki, and intuitive understanding. I’m excited at being a coach for personal growth, spiritual awakening, and entrepreneurship. I think that people are on a path of growth and are most effective when tapped in to what their highest calling is.


The challenge

My biggest challenge came when it was time to wake up from being lost and asleep.  When I drifted through life I really lost touch with what I was feeling, needing, and sense of how to get there.  The process of getting back in touch with those aspects of self involved hitting the wall, calibrating my internal compass, and re-learning how to stay centered in the day to day life.  It was a very painful experience and at times, dark scenario to go through.  Luckily I found mentors, counselors, and coaches to help me through it.  And I made it to the next chapter. My tools were self-awareness, meditation, writing, martial arts, and energy work.

My lesson

One of my biggest lessons was the value in owning my path.  For many years I had waited for someone to tell me what my path was or for some kind of opportunity to fall in front of me.  I didn’t seek things out myself or truly own my personal development.  I can share that one of the most important things you can do is to stay true to yourself and don’t wait for someone to tell you what your path looks like.  Find your mentors, guides, and ask for what you need because it’s all available.

The value I offer you

Having gone through the lessons my life has given me I can share how to stay focused on what’s important.  The system I use works with four parts:

1.  Decision/Direction on where you are going

2.  Action to move forward

3.  Knowledge in what to do or how to do it

4.  Passion for what you do

Sometimes one or more of these get out of whack.  As a coach I can work with you to identify what needs some help and what strategies will be best to get this going.