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Ability out of necessity

It’s amazing what people can do when they need to. I wanted to put a post out there to illustrate that people are much more capable than we think we are. I want to highlight a few things I’ve been able to do and also share a story I came across on Facebook.

First, I want to set the stage and talk about fear. Fear makes us think that things are impossible. As Dan Millman puts it, fear is a tissue thin barrier that portrays an illusion of how something looks. There are a few scary things I’ve done in my life that I’m pretty proud of. I’ve cracked open computers and fixed them. It’s kind of scary because if you damage the circuit board the whole thing won’t work. I’ve recently done brake jobs on both our cars. Brakes are an integral part of an automobile and if you screw it up, you don’t come to a stop! You lose control, how scary! I tackled it anyway. Recently I just replaced a dishwasher. Plumbing is kind of scary because if you don’t do it right you get constant water leaking. Scary!!! But I learned how to do compression connections and just hooked up a dishwasher. Scary!!!

But you know what? I have the ability to do these things. Part of me tackling projects like this is out of necessity. The cars needed brakes and I’m still out of a job as I write this. It will be a fraction of the cost if I just buy the parts and do the work myself instead of hiring someone to do the work for me. So guess what, I researched and tried and failed. Then tried again and succeeded. I did the same thing with the dishwasher. It took me 2 days to do a compression joint right, but I learned. And I did it.

I recently read a story on Facebook where a girl was hit by a car and trapped under a wheel. A passerby saw this happen, ran out of his car and LIFTED the other car off the girl! That is amazing! He did this because he had to. Here’s a link to the story if you want it (ignore the Ann Coulter propaganda on the right):


I had a martial arts instructor teach me once that I could push my body further than I thought I could. He was right, I did some cool things in training. Later I had a Kung Fu instructor warn me that my mind could push my body further than its limits so I had to be careful of that fact. Everyone, please listen. You can do far more than you think you can. If there is a necessity, you may be able to rise to the occasion. It may be a shot of adrenaline that helps you, it may be your mind that unlocks your potential, or there may be some sort of supernatural intervention that helps you complete what you need to but understand that your ability is amazing. Try new things, don’t be afraid. Your underlying potential is spectacular and you almost won’t believe it 😉

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