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Valentines Day Tragedy

My wife and I were shopping at Target today, buying some things off the baby registry. We got home and started to put away things like wash cloths, a medi-kit and electrical outlet covers. Then I’m asked, “why did you put a package of personal lube in the cart?”

“I didn’t” was my reply (which is true but not outside the realm of something I’d do if I were being mischievous.)

We checked the receipt and found that it was not on there. I asked, “So neither of us put it in the cart and we weren’t charged for it?”

Nope, no evidence of us unconsciously buying a generic brand of the slippery stuff. For a minute we thought there was a rogue prankster that was going around, adding things to peoples’ carts anonymously. But then we found another receipt in the bag. This one had items on it from the people that were in front of us in line.

-Scott Tissue
-Purina Dog food
-Up and Up Lube

We realized the cashier had probably put the little box into a plastic bag and forgot to give it to the customers after they put the big items back into the cart. So the couple in front of us are going to be disappointed when they get home and realize they are missing a probably important part of their Valentine’s Day Target run.

But I ask, what would one do with that combination of items on Valentine’s Day? Hmm…