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Take credit, You’re Awesome!

I’ve been coaching students in preparing to get ready for the job search and I’m finding a common theme…they don’t know how great they’ve done in the past! One thing I focus on as a Career Advisor is being able to pull out the experiences people have had and apply them to the upcoming career they want to do. The coach in me has to work on having dialogue to pull out those achievements and get people to be able to articulate them. So often I’m finding very good people that haven’t been told by supervisors or managers what a good job they did. Maybe it was poor communication or lack of priority but these employees sometimes didn’t know how much they went above and beyond for them. I see this as missed opportunity to harness the talent of these people, I imagine the things that could have been accomplished in those organizations. However these students have chosen a new path and I now imagine how well they’ll treat people in the medical field! And I imagine how well they can do in a new organization with something they really want to be doing. My main point is that there are in all of us far more successes and accomplishments than we’re aware of. We should stop and reflect on these and remember how well we did. Then going forward, think of how much we will accomplish in the future when we focus our efforts. Maybe you could do that career change. Maybe you could achieve a personal goal, the key is KNOWING your much more than you think you are 😉 There should be a Take Credit You’re Awesome day, that would be a cool holiday to celebrate!