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Putting it all together (and getting out of the rut)

Before I really get into my first post in quite some time (over a year) I have to share some of the challenges with firing up the creative engines.  The first is when one is out of the habit of doing something it takes a certain momentum to overcome the current rut.  Kind of like running a wheelbarrow over soft ground, if you want to get out of that track then there is a certain amount of force needed to overcome the potential energy of the machine getting past the height of the groove.  That’s fine, it’s the way it is.  But one’s ego can get comfortable in the stability of current situation so then it can create all kinds of excuses to stay in said situation which make perfect sense.  The stronger the ego the stronger the argument and reason for lack of change which is part of the reason for no posts.  Sorry folks, ego got me on that one.  So through the gift of awareness I was able to see this illusion and dissolve the grip it had on what I wanted to do.  Sorry ego, you lose this December.

Ok, next I have to admit that in a year’s time there are so many changes (good and challenging) and lessons and growth that happen that sometimes it’s hard to pick where to start.  Not a bad problem to have but when ego creates yet another excuse as to why you “don’t know where to start yet” it can distort what you have.  So really part of what I want to do is kick up my creativity again and start “sharing the gold” I keep picking up.  Overall the last 4 years of my life have resulted in dramatic shift and change, most if it which has not been easy but all of it which has brought me a healthier perspective and out of the not so nice places I had been.  I think some of my lessons and observations need to be shared, hopefully so someone can learn by reading an example instead of going through a tough situation.  I usually learn the hard way, glad to share lessons so everyone doesn’t have to go that route.

Next, I’ll just share a few observations from the last few weeks as there have been some interesting things I’ve learned.  Part of it is using one’s voice.  I’m inspired by authors, coaches, and consultants who have made shifts in their lives to more satisfying work, and specifically work that helps others.  I find many of these on Twitter and LinkedIn and love discovering what people put out there.  I think in my own transformations I’ve gone through I’ve discovered I’m the type that needs to make an impact on the world around me.  Some of my favorite Twitter feeds include Danielle Dowling(@DDowling_), Danielle LaPorte(@DanielleLaPorte), Berni Xiong(@BerniXiong), Stephanie Churchill(@TotallyZen) Nikki Sixx (@NikkiSixx), Cynthia Bazin(@TheSmartChic) and many more.  I’m sure I’m leaving some out but I’m trying to pour a gallon into a shotglass and this is what I’ve got.

So…when I was driving home from work a couple weeks ago a thought hit my mind that asked,

“What if these people didn’t share what they do?”

I sat with that for a moment.  Then reflection turned on me:

“The same thing I’m doing by not sharing what I do”

I reflected on action and consequence while not getting sideswiped by a delivery truck on I-43 south and imagined the outcomes if I were writing more, if I were leading a healthier lifestyle, and making the impact I want to.  It scared me to think about inaction having negative outcomes and the lost potential on others.  The reason I think about this from time to time is that when I do post something (blog, facebook, twitter) I usually get some positive feedback about how people like hearing those things.  So to those who encourage me, thank you.  Your comments are a source of motivation!

Bottom line is I know I make an impact and my awareness of this fact proves that I need to continue going in that direction.  So I turn this inner reflection outward and also share that it is important to share the lessons we learn as they have profound impacts on others.  Sometimes we don’t know the degree of how we influence the world around us but the meetings we have, the comments we make, the facial expressions we do, ARE noticed and DO have worth.  So does the silence an inaction.

I thank those who do put out positive messages and encourage people to improve and change as I’ve noticed and it’s helped me.  I thank those who directly tell me that they like my insights and inspirations, I noticed that as well.  And to all of the things I’m not aware of that have impacted me, thank you as I still appreciate it.  I encourage others as well to do what you do.  Start that website, pick up the blog, make the job change, or pick up the phone and ask that question.  This is the first thing I wanted to share in firing up the forgotten blog, but more insights to follow.  Please share if this message resonates with you or if you feel someone needs encouragement in getting started in something.  Chances are their efforts are needed and going to have an impact.

Thanks for the time and attention,