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Making your way in tough times

I was fortunate enough to have had an inspiring conversation today with a woman named Mary. I ran into her when she was looking for a van to add to her business. I asked her what her business was and she shared that it was an online store which sold sport equipment, home, shop and hobby supplies. I was grateful she then told me how it all happened.

Mary shared that she had lost her position with the company she had been with for numerous years. Downsizing had eliminated 70% of the workforce there, an unfortunate number. She had been out of work for a long time, was not even able to get a job at Burger King for minimum wage because they thought she wouldn’t stick around. While unemployment was helping cushion the blow the economy dealt, she had an interesting experience with Ebay. Mary had sold a collection of Disney videos (VHS version) to collectors and brought in a decent profit. She then decided to try selling another lot of a different product and had similar success. This led her to internet commerce where she eventually was able to find out what was selling well and then move into wholesale purchasing (which led to bigger sales and profits). No more need for unemployment!

Now with storefronts on Ebay and Amazon, Mary shared that the business is expanding and brings in 5 digits in sales per month! They are even considering hiring someone to help out with the growth as they can go into more venues. I think this is remarkable that someone had taken the challenges of a down economy and turned it into a business they enjoy. I felt very inspired to share this story with my readers and social media outlets as it inspires hope. Just because one door closes, doesn’t mean that good times end. In fact newer, better things may come after!

Embrace change and welcome new possibilities. One may not know where something leads but I suggest letting spirit guide you and be open to what is in your path. I’ve learned that I may not see why something is happening or how I’m supposed to use what’s in front of me but sometimes when I just accept it that eventually the answers are apparent. I’m grateful Mary shared her story with me and gave me permission to retell it. Think about it and see what opportunities are within you. A positive change may be in your near future 🙂


P.S. Here is a link to Mary’s business. Never had the rubber band gun before…