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Interesting Dream

Not that anyone is really going to read this yet (I don’t have any followers right now) but I’ll put it out there for future discussion. I had this very symbolic dream when I was around 10 years old and never really figured it out. If anyone has ideas about this I’d love to hear. Alright, away I go:

I seemed to have been lost and trying to find my way back home. I wasn’t sure where I was but there was a nice couple in maybe their late 30s or early 40s that decided to help me. They had this machine they were trying to use (I’m not sure what the machine did) but I realized that it was either broken or not right because I knew it would blow up if they used it. I pleaded for them to stop using it but they refused and kept turning the crank and told me that they thought it was starting to work. Everything then exploded in a huge nuclear flash…Nothing was left. All I saw then was bones and skulls piled up, everywhere. The sky was full of smoke and ash. Then on one of the piles there was a throne, made of bones. The Grim Reaper circled the throne, almost attending to it. I knew I had to take my seat there, but I had a feeling of relief. I was supposed to talk to God while I sat on this throne and as I approached it, the sky started to open up. As I sat, light shone upon me and the heavens opened up. I was consumed in light and started connecting with God. Then the dream ended.

I know this is very symbolic with bones and a throne and the Grim Reaper but I’d be curious what others thought. Thanks in advance (or retroacive thanks) for those reading and for the comments.

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I was doing some reading on Kabbalah and found a story about Moses sitting on the throne of God. I think after reading that I need to talk to a Rabbi with knowledge of Kabbalah to get more information. If anyone knows a good source for info on that I think I could use it.

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