One of those monumental changes

I’ve taken a short hiatus on writing, I’ve been quite busy building changes in my life (new job, new organizations, trying to relocate) but I need to share something. When a profound influence crosses one’s path there tends to be a node. At these nodes things can either continue on the same direction or redirect onto a new path. In my life it has either been books I’ve read or people I’ve met and I need to share one of these recent influences.

But first I need to share the change. I’ve been taking my life in a positive, new direction but actually going back on the path I’ve been trying to go down for a long time. Things like coaching, counseling, meditation, and workshops have helped me completely change my life for the better. This post is going to focus on one individual and his works though. Through my interactions with him I got past something. I’ve historically on the inside had a somewhat pessimistic view on mankind. I’ve had faith but not necessarily faith in humanity. Maybe it’s the existential literature I grew to love in my college days or the pessimistic media that shaped that belief but it pains me to admit this but I just didn’t have faith that the world could change for the better. Now I don’t mean transactional skills like math, mechanics, law, medicine, degrees, promotions or actions like that. I meant really the transformational evolution that took a person from one way of being to another. One lifestyle change, or state of mind, as a collective.

For me this was maybe some kind of problem created by my ego (in the colloquial sense as well as Jungian) but fortunately there have been things shattering my ego lately and I mean that in a very positive sense. I’ve come across a reason to no longer hold on to that pessimism, to fully (not partially) believe in humanity. I’ve looked at my own judgmental part of me and been able to let go of something. Maybe it’s me letting go of fear that things won’t be able to be better in this world. Maybe I’m in touch with something greater than fear or logic or probability. Maybe I’m ready to embrace the possibility of positivity and a greater love in this world.

I believe now that all people can choose to be what they want to be. I believe that all people can change no matter where they are in life. I don’t care what statistics or probability lead me to conclude, I believe now that no matter what the circumstances are that anyone can at any time open themselves up to the possibility of change for the better. I no longer have 70 year old philosophy holding me back. I no longer have the shadow of doubt limiting my belief system. I’ve been able to let that go.

I met a man named Arno Micheals this year and he is the reason I’ve been able to let those things go. Arno has written the amazing story of events he’s gone through and shared his changes in life with me. His book and story can be found here:

The Book

Arno tells the story of his hateful past but also how he was able to escape the dark clutches of hate. His powerful imagery made me look at some dark aspects of life but understand that in any of that, there could be a light shining somewhere that opens the door for positive transformation. In one of our conversations Arno had told me the stories of others who have made similar transformations. I’m not sure I would have heard these stories had I not met him but I certainly would not have my total faith in humanity either. Check out Arno’s organization, Life After Hate, and be amazed at the stories people share. Consider donating to this cause because many are making transformations based on his work. Here’s the website:

Life After Hate

Thank you Arno for changing my view on humanity. Thank you for helping me get past my pessimistic view of mankind and helping me get past my ‘faith in good but not faith in humanity’ state of being. You are one of the amazing ones, friend.


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honored to be your friend Jason, and please know that the inspiration is mutual. Your involvement and energy is every bit as crucial to peace as mine. We are all interdependent. You express yourself beautifully and I truly appreciate that expression and the joy it brings.

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