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This afternoon I had my first official Reiki session with Berni Xiong. Reiki is a form of energy healing as pioneered by Dr. Usui in the 1920’s. I had came across this concept a few years ago but hadn’t done anything with it. In the last few months Reiki has crossed my path several times and I felt it was time to start exploring. I’ve actually started listening to those queues in my life 😉

In a brief overview it lasts about an hour and consists of meditation and healing touch on strategic energy points on the body. Berni had nice reiki music in the background and some scented candles to make things relaxing and easy to let go. As I’ve had experience with meditation and Gi Gong breathing in martial arts, this was easy for me to get into. But I can say that anyone could go in and easily enjoy a session like this without prior experience in those fields. Just ask, she’ll give you a good mantra to focus on 🙂

The one issuing the service acts to channel the ambient energy in the surrounding area to the client which is to help the natural flow of energy. I won’t give all the details of the session but I will report that I’m feeling great and a bit more free on the inside. I think for me the Reiki session got my energy flowing a bit better and unclogged a few things on the inside. I would also describe myself as I write this as a bit more clean and focused. Much appreciated!

Berni is a wonderful individual to perform this service. She is great at sharing how she got into it, what her experiences are and how it can benefit. Berni is such a genuine person with a realistic sense of humor, she puts you right at ease. I would certainly recommend time with her, she will impress you. She’s very good at what she does!

One bit of advice, when she says you may need some time at the end to come out of it…take her advice :p

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