The beginning?

So everything has a beginning and and end, right?  Probably.  This blog does, this is the first entry.  I’m going to run through many different concepts, some serious, some funny but they’ll have a point.  I’ve found in life that there are often times many layers and meanings to things and if you’re good enough you can catch all of them.  I in all honesty am very dense and have a tendency to miss things.  For example I remember being in high school and had a couple of friends who had a crush on this guy named Hal.  I didn’t know who he was and they wouldn’t tell me but I did figure it out about three years later when I was folding my laundry and got to my Hal’s Harley shop t-shirt.  The dumbass had his name written on his back.  

My Density.  It is both a source of frustration and humor for me but for the most part I can laugh at it.  Many times I miss something if it’s in front of my face but if there’s a hidden or symbolic meaning to it, I’ll probably figure it out!  OK, now that I’ve established that…

Look for more stories about life, philosophy, and spirituality.  My favorite authors are Leo Buscaglia, Dan Millman, and Aldous Huxley.  Peaceful Warrior series, Love and Brave New World were all life changing books for me, I highly recommend reading them.  You can usually find them for free at the library so no financial obligation to start.

Take care, read on and don’t forget to look for gum on the seat before you sit down.  That sucks when that happens to you.

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