WRX yin and yang

Yin and Yang in a WRX

Constructive and destructive forces are constantly at work in the universe. Every atomic interaction is transferring electrons and energy between materials. One form is destroyed while another is formed. I recently got new tires for my car as my old ones were balding and terrible for snow driving. My old tires had succumbed to the destructive forces of friction on the pavement. So as I applied constructive energy to my WRX and got new tires. I was unfortunate enough to take a couple of stones to the windshield on my way home and developed a six inch crack in the glass. The destructive force of the stone kicked up by the minivan in front of me continued the yin-yang cycle. I’ll have to apply more constructive force to the car eventually, but not this week, I’m done with car stuff. I really need to get one of those yin-yang badges for the back of my car, it’s only fitting.

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