One More Time!

I’ve learned an important lesson. If you don’t learn a lesson the first time you’ll somehow wind up in a similar situation where you have to try and learn it again!

I eluded in earlier writings that in college I changed my major from Chemistry to Religious Studies kind of late in the game. I pursued chemistry for a few reasons like I was good at it, there is a prestige tied to the sciences, I had family approval for choosing that route. But I really didn’t love it. It took me till my senior year to admit to myself that I hated going to labs and that I couldn’t envision my life after college doing that. I’d hate doing that! Not to say that it’s bad by any means but I just had no passion for it. I switched to Religious Studies because I truly loved studying different philosophies and faiths and paths. The lesson was do what you love, I even had a guy named TJ from San Diego teach me that (reference earlier post).

Now after college I didn’t do anything related to that, I went into retail management for a few years and then distribution operations for another four years. But inside, I still had this longing for something more. By year four of distribution operations I hit a wall. I didn’t love what I did, I didn’t operate in the same style as the organization did and I found I was living my life too far apart from what I really was. I unfortunately found myself lost an unsure of what to do. After seven years of not doing what I loved I felt like my internal compass was just spinning, not giving me clarity or direction.

Then I started doing some work with UWM School of Continuing Education about 3 months after I left my last position. I was involved in things I DID love doing and enjoyed learning. My experiences there have reminded me of what I do love and solidified the direction I needed to take my life in. Lesson again, do what you love.

Now since I kind of “fell asleep again” I wound up not living the lesson I learned years back. But life has a way of stacking the deck to give you the same lesson if you didn’t get it the first time. It would have been easier to continue on what I learned in college but oh well. I got it this time and along the way have found some amazing teachers and mentors to help guide me to the next steps.

Just remember, try and get it the first time so you don’t have to do a rerun!

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