Curry Vegetarian Stir Fry

I’ve had a few requests for how I do this so I think I’ll write out the recipe. Very easy to do, I chopped the veggies ahead of time when I had a free moment and then made the sauce when I was in the cooking process.

At this point I start a post of rice on the side, by the time it finishes cooking you’ll be almost done with the stir fry…

Chop 1 zucchini into .5 inch by 2 inch strips. Then, take 3 large bok choy leaves and slice them down the middle. Slice at a 30 degree angle into 2 inch strips. This angle increases surface area and helps cooking! Next take about 8-10 green onions and cut them into 3 inch parts. I discarded the leafy part on top but you can use it if you want. I then cut these 3 inch parts in half the long way, I love these in stir fry! After that chop a green (or yellow or red) pepper into half inch strips and then cut them in half using the same 30 degree angle used on the bok choy. Finally, you can cut some mushrooms into halves as well, I love using baby bella for these.

Now for the sauce. All you do is put about a quarter cup of soy sauce into an 8 oz measuring cup, add 1 TBSP of sesame oil, 1 minced clove of garlic, .5 tsp sweet curry, .5 tsp hot curry and .25 tsp of Maharaja spice. Add about a half cup of water and then 1.5 TBSP corn starch. Mix this well and make sure there are no clumps of the starch left.

Tofu time! Using 1 lb, I just cube the tofu (firm tofu works very well for this) into .5 inch sized pieces and that helps the surface area absorb more flavor.

Now, start with some sesame oil in a wok and turn the heat up to high. When the oil is hot add the bok choy, mushrooms and peppers. Keep these things moving until they’re tender but not mushy. Set aside. Add some more sesame oil, just enough needed to cook the rest of the veggies along with the rest of the veggies and once they’re done, set those aside as well. If you cook all the vegetables at once you get a lot of moisture and you wind up braising them instead of stir frying them and some of them will get mushy while others get just right. That’s my preference.

Next, put a few TBSP of oil in the wok along with 3 dried red chilies and another clove of minced garlic. Cook these for up to 30 seconds or until the garlic starts turning brown. Be careful, it cooks fast! Then add the tofu and stir fry that until the exterior absorbs the flavor. When that’s all done, add in your sauce mixture (you probably should stir it before you add it) and once that starts thickening, turn off the heat. Add the cooked vegetables to the tofu/sauce mixture and make sure everything gets coated.

Bask in the aroma.

Your house will smell awesome at this point so enjoy. I like to put this over jasmine rice because of the aromatic characteristics of it. Otherwise I use medium grain, just my preference.

Any questions, feel free to ask!

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