Positive Intention

An interesting thing happened when I was getting dressed the other morning. I had an interview later in the day, after my volunteering so I wanted to dress for it early so I wouldn’t have to come back home to change. I had everything ready to go except for socks…I looked in my dresser drawers, in the hampers of laundry that needed to be put away, but still couldn’t find the dress socks I needed. As I was looking I started getting stressed and found myself mumbling over and over, “And I can’t find the socks, And I can’t find the socks.” When I caught myself doing this I realized that it was a pretty negative thing to keep repeating so I started saying aloud, “And then I found the socks, And then I found the socks.”

Kind of a strange thing to do, I know but when I did this and focused on the feeling of finding one, I was inspired to look in Jenny’s drawer and sure enough I found the missing black sock I needed for my day. Maybe I was inspired by a positive “mantra” but it makes me wonder, how many other negative things do I have playing in my head and how could I counteract that with a constructive, positive intent?

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