Summer Driving

I was reading an article on this evening which compared a 2010 Civic Si to a 1998 Acura Integra Type R. They tested everything from the handling to the track times and general feel for the cars. I test drove a 2007 Civic Si Sedan and it was nice. I’d consider one if I were in the market.

All this reading about fun cars brings me back to when I’d take my 2001 Celica GT through the Kettle Moraine area. Wonderfully twisty roads and some areas that are 55mph make these back roads a nice, fun ride. I loved having the windows down and the sunroof open on a warm sunny summer day. To me that was better than a convertible. Still protected but open enough to hear the wind in the leaves of the trees. There is also something enjoyable about shifting through the gears on the car, not to the limit but close to it. I really miss the summer drives…

Maybe I’ll buy a project car one of these days and be able to have a high revving four cylinder to wind through the twisties. If you’ve never heard the sound of a 2ZZ Toyota or a Honda K20 engine at 6000 RPM, there is something invigorating about it. They both have a wonderful tone and (making sure you don’t have a lousy exhaust) don’t sound like a bumblebee on an acid trip.

For now I’ll imagine and dream of what it will be like to do that again. Maybe this winter phase is making me long for summer…

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