"They’re no good"

Over the Memorial Day weekend I was spending time up at the in-law’s cabin on Legend Lake (Keshana). While on the dock fishing I heard an 8 year old across the way ask his dad about what kind of fish has spots and is grey. The dad replies that it was probably a rock bass and ‘they’re no good’.

No good? Why is there no perceived value in that type of fish? Or that particular fish? Isn’t it part of a food chain or some life cycle? At the very least, if you’ve ever hooked into any kind of bass on an ultralight fishing pole I can tell you there is a good fight coming your way!

OK, back to my point. That dad is subtly teaching his son that there are forms of life that are of no value and can be disregarded. Two points related to this come from the Dalai Lama. First, all sentient beings desire to minimize suffering in life and a sentient being is one that can perceive some kind of suffering. Second, if you can’t help a sentient being at least don’t hurt them. I think if you disregard life as not valuable then you won’t take to mind these two pleas from a prominent spiritual leader.

To me, sentient beings are trying to live life the best they can in various ways and really don’t want to be hurt. By keeping an open mind and an open heart one can remember the inherent value in all sentient beings and when possible actually help them along this path of life that we are on. So remember that subtle messages can elude to perspectives that can alter perceptions and philosophy of life.

“They’re all good.”

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