Weeding the garden

This weekend I decided to take care of our small garden. Last fall I put in a bunch of leaves, grass clippings and shredded newspaper and tilled it into the dirt (by hand, no power equipment here). This spring I’ve been tossing coffee grounds into it for about a month and figured it was time to turn that into the dirt as well. Before I could do that I also needed to get the weeds out. Lots of thistles in this dirt box!

So I spent about 20 minutes digging and pulling up all these weeds and then another 10 minutes turning the soil with the hoe (small garden actually) and it was very rewarding to see all the stuff mixed together. I then felt this was very metaphorical for my own life.

I’ve been adding beneficial things to my life over the last several months and getting rid of some things I don’t need anymore. Had I not taken the time to get rid of what I didn’t need I’d have all this good stuff mixed in with the distractions. Sure I could plant some tomatoes or zucchini but if it’s competing with all the thistles then it would be hard to tell what’s what. Also, they’d be competing for the same nutrients (energy) and the fruit of the labor would be diminished.

It’s spring time, probably a good time to start cleaning things out. What do you need? What can you stop carrying? Maybe you need to clean out the basement and have a garage sale (literally). Figuratively you may need to assess what’s on your shoulders and what you can get rid of. That way there will be much more energy to put into all the good things in your life.

Anyway, happy spring and enjoy the weather. There’s no time like now.

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